Week 2 - PicsBurgh

If I were to compare the city of Pittsburgh to a film, I'd probably go with "Forest Gump". I haven't seen much of it.

Unfortunately, due to some other projects I'm working on I haven't had a chance to get out and actually SEE much of Pittsburgh so far. But judging from my walk to and from the theater, it seems pretty regular!

Buildings? You bet. Streets? Oh, they got em. You want a pile of busy, rich-looking business people on their smoke breaks? Everywhere.

If were to compare the city of Pittsburgh to an animal, I'd probably go with a moose. Have I seen a moose? Of course. Do I know anything particularly interesting about a moose? Well yes, but that's not the point. The point is - I haven't seen much yet, but I will this next week. Hopefully.

Tomorrow we head to the (hopefully not rained out) Pirates vs. Cardinals game to sing the national anthem! (If you wanna check us out, I think the game will be on ESPN 2.) Then on Tuesday a few company members and I will be headed to a local performing arts high school to give an audition masterclass, followed by some more rehearsals on Wednesday, plenty of shows, and all sorts of Pennsylvanian pleasantries.

Until then, enjoy some pics I took of the BEAUTIFUL Benedum Center theater and a few snaps from my walk to work in Pittsburgh:

Week 1 - WE'RE BACK.... In Utica! ....(?)

"And I think okay.... I'm back!"

That's.....well....that's from the show. I'm embarrassed. Don't give me that look.

After a fantastic summer off at home in San Diego, I've just finished my first week back out on the road with the "Boys". Where you might ask? Scenic, historic, and slightly-abandoned Utica, NY. Where you might ask? Don't get smart. We rolled in to town, had a few re--hearsals, did a bunch of tedious re--tech, and re--eally sold this place to the gills. In fact we set an all-time box office record for the historic, 87-year-old Stanley Theatre! People still really love that one song about that thing! If you ever want to drive through a lovable town with a bunch of closed electronic stores and one really awesome coffee shop - Utica is your place. Check it out.

Next it's off to Pittsburgh for two weeks where we've got a lot of fun things going on: singing the national anthem at a Pirates game, getting a true day off (what we call in the biz, a "golden day"), and.....I hear they've got a bunch of bridges or something!

Until then, enjoy some pics from our week in Utica: